Cast Bullet

Events are open to the Public


Monthly CBA Sanctioned Matches
The shoots will be the fourth Saturday of the month, year round

See Club Calendar for dates

*Please check website before traveling if there has been severe weather prior to the Match.

Starting Times
Registration: begins 8:00 AM
Sight-in: 9:00 - 9:30 AM
Match will begin at 9:30 AM

Registration Fees:
$10.00 per shooter

Usual course of fire is bench rest score at 100 and 200 yards

All breech loading arms capable of single loading are welcome, BPCR is fine, but no muzzle loaders.

If you are shooting lead bullets, we’d like you to join us.

Newcomers and beginners are welcome and encouraged, our matches are fun and informal though safety is paramount– we would be happy to assist all newcomers, we will tell you everything we know – it won’t take long.

We usually shoot 100 yards in the morning and 200 yards after lunch break, finishing around 2:30. Bring your own lunch, soft drink machines are available in the clubhouse.

Contact Information
Email: Cast Bullet
Kurt Menkes
Ed Parker 717-529-6521 before 8:00 PM

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