The Next General Meeting

Range Update - The pistol range and the 100 yard rifle range will be closed from 8a-5p on August 8 for berm maintenance.

Calendar Update - US Law Shield Seminar- Should I Shoot? Using Deadly Force, Tuesday August 23 630p-900p

Club Update - The Atglen Sportsman’s Club would like to remind its members that they, and their guests, should not eat any plants or berries growing on the Club property. The Club’s current weed control spraying makes it even more important the members and their guests do not eat plants or berries growing at the Club.

Calendar Update - We are offering a new program, Practical Pistol.  Please see the event page for more information. 

Membership Update - Dues increase effective July 1, 2022. See the Membership page to read a message from the Executive Board.

Membership Waiting List - The membership waiting list has reached its limit and is now closed.  We will post updates on the website later in the year when it will reopen.

Email Update: To help improve email delivery from Atglen Sportsmen's Club, please add to your contact list/address book.  If you correspond with the various club committees or executive officers, please add those email addresses as well.

    Range Hours:

    Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM until dusk.
    Sunday 12:00 noon until dusk.
    ** For the most current information, check the club's Calendar page for scheduled events and range closings.**


    Upcoming events

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    Membership Secretary.  Please include your member number in your email.

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