The Next General Meeting

Sporting Clays - The event, scheduled for Wednesday January 20, has been cancelled.

Range Closure Update: PPL Electric has notified us that they will begin work to rebuild the electrical transmission lines that run through the club property.  This will require us to shut down ranges for the safety of the construction crews when they are on our property.  We will try to provide you with timely notification on range closings.  As of now, we believe the black powder, pistol and 100 yard ranges will be affected by this work.  Please check the club calendar before heading to the club.  Please adhere to the range closings, we do not want to endanger the construction crews.  ALL SHOOTING RANGES will be closed Saturday January 16 through Saturday January 23, except for Sunday January 17.  On Sunday, there will be the normal closures for the Sporting Clays match.  The pistol, 100-yard range and the black powder range will be open on Sunday January 17.  Please check the website/calendar for possible cancellations due to weather.  We will update the information as soon as we get it from PPL.

The Cast Bullet match scheduled for Saturday January 23 has been cancelled.

Gate Reminder:  The only way to open the gate, as of January 1 2021, is to use the gate keycard.  The 2021 gate code listed on your yearly membership card will only be used if we have to put a padlock on the gate for some maintenance issues.  You need to place the card on the RFID symbol for the gate card reader to work. The card may need to be removed from a badge holder as well.


Membership Waiting List:  The registration page for the membership waiting list will be available on Saturday February 6 at 8am. 

Range Update: Clarification on pistol range rules - No shoulder fired firearms, other than smallbore rimfire rifles, are to be shot on the pistol range. Please move to the designated rifle ranges.  DO NOT place any type of targets on the crossmembers of the target backstops. DO NOT use clay bird targets any closer than 25 yards.

Youth Archery: Our youth archery program will be restarting on Friday November 6.  Please visit the Youth Archery page for additional details.

By-Law Update:  At the August meeting, the changes to the ByLaws were voted on and approved.  The updated By-Laws will take effect January 1, 2021.  We will be sending out a new handbook to all members in the next few months. You can view them by clicking the link, By-Laws.

By-Law Highlights:

  • The membership renewal period has changed. It will now run July to October, starting in July 2021.
  • Final payment of the yearly club membership fees will be due by October 31 each year, with no exceptions. Please refer to Article VII section 2.
  • Each member is allowed one guest at a time. The only exception is limited to immediate family members and does not include extended family. Please refer to Article VI section 4.
  • Review the range rules and safety updates as several changes were made in that section. Please refer to APPENDICES: Club range and ground rules

Range Hours:

Monday through Saturday 8:00 AM until dusk.
Sunday 12:00 noon until dusk.
** For the most current information, check the club's Calendar page for scheduled events and range closings.**


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