Membership Information

Membership Waiting List The waiting list has reached its limit of 150 registrations and is now closed.  Please watch the website in January 2021 for details on when we will reopen the registration process.

If you have any questions about your membership, annual dues or problems renewing online, send an email to

Please include your club member number in your email.

Membership renewals to start July 1st.

You must renew your membership by January 1st, with no additional grace period. If you do not renew during the 6 month renewal period (July to December), your membership will lapse and you will no longer be a member of Atglen Sportsmen’s Club.  Life members must contact us during the renewal period to receive your new card.  We need some form of contact(email, mail, website login or attend a meeting) during the renewal period in order to keep our records current.

We are encouraging everyone to use the new online dues payment option via PayPal.  If you are sending in a check please use the following address.  Also, please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your new membership card.  Please take this timeframe into account if you will want to visit the club in January.  If you don't have the current membership card, you will not have access to the club.

We will not be processing membership renewals at the general meetings.  Please mail a check or use the PayPal option.

Mailing Address:

      Attn Membership Secretary
      Atglen Sportsmen’s Club Inc
      PO Box 35
      Parkesburg PA 19365

Len Carosiello

Membership Secretary

Membership Dues

Yearly Membership - $90.00 (Renews July 1st - January 1st. Please renew by Jan 1st, there will be no grace period.) You do not need to send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your renewal payment.

Lifetime Members - You will no longer be asked to pay the $10 fee that was used for the insurance premium.

New Membership - $175.00 ($85.00 Initiation Fee + Yearly Dues, payable at your orientation meeting)

Ordering replacement membership or gate key card:

Replacement Card - $10.00

Replacement Gate Key Card - $50.00

If you would like to request a replacement and pay for it online, please click here to use the online store to purchase a replacement and use PayPal.  If you are not logged in, you should be directed to the login page when you click the link.  DO NOT use this link when attempting to renew your membership dues.  This is for a replacement of the current year's card.

If paying by check, please send your request for a replacement:
      Attn Membership Secretary
      Atglen Sportsmen’s Club Inc
      PO Box 35
      Parkesburg PA 19365

Please include the following:
      Your name and membership number
      A check payable to Atglen Sportsmen’s Club Inc.

Please verify that we have your correct mailing address on file.  Log into the website to view and make corrections. If you need assistance, please use this link as a guide:

All returned checks will incur a $12.00 processing fee.

Business Hours

The Membership Secretary is available during the general meetings for membership business.

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