Buffalo Shoot

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40 Shot Matches

Scheduled on the 5th Saturday of the month when it occurs on the calendar. See the Club calendar for dates.

*Please check website before traveling if there has been severe weather prior to the Match.

Starting Times
: 7:30 - 8:30 AM
Practice: 8:00 - 10:00 AM

Registration Fee:

Do you have an old Trapdoor or Sharps rifle in your cabinet? Are you looking for a fun place to shoot your old Rolling Block or Martini-Henry? Then try our new Buffalo Shoot!

To compete, you will need a hunting or military style single shot rifle which was originally made for black powder cartridges. These rifles should be typical of the Buffalo Hunting Era (the 1800's). They can be original or replicas thereof and must be as per original manufacture prior to 1896.

There are no weight limits and you may use smokeless or black powders. Bullets must be Cast or swaged lead only. No jacketed or gas checked bullets are allowed.

Targets will be the full sized High Power Silhouettes at distances from 200 to 500 meters. All shooting will be from crossed sticks except one bank of 5 pigs at 300 meters which will be offhand. You may shoot from any position including prone, kneeling, sitting, or standing from crossed sticks only. No bench rest or rear bags will be permitted.

There will also be a category for rifles with scopes which are also typical of the Era.

Course of Fire





Number of shots

200 meters

300 meters

385 meters

500 meters






1 bank of
5 offhand

There will not be a lunch available so please bring your own.

Come on out and "Take-a-Stand" with us for these relaxing and fun shoots!

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Email: Buffalo Shoot

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