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Events are open to the public

Monthly (40 Shot) Matches

The shoots will be the first Saturday of the month, February through October

See Club Calendar for dates

*Please check website before traveling if there has been severe weather prior to the Match.

Starting Times
Registration: 7:00 - 8:00 AM
Sight-in: 8:00 - 9:00 AM
Match will begin at 9 AM

Registration Fees:
One gun: $15.00
Two guns: $20.00

We will have target setters.
The range will be open to the membership so we will have to work with anyone who shows up.

Course of Fire

Number of shots


50 meters


60 meters


77 meters


100 meters






  • All shooting will be done in the standing position - no artificial support.
  • Four classes: Long range pistol, metallic sight, scope/red dot & carbine


Straight walled revolver/pistol calibers only - 38/40 & 44/40 will be allowed
Long range pistol is an NRA approved match and is also grand slam eligible.

Carbine class rules:

  • Straight walled pistol cartridge only
  • 16" barrel or less
  • Open sight or red dot / no magnification
  • Targets must be shot in sequence and MUST FALL DOWN. If it does not fall you may not advance to the next target.
  • Maximum of 20 rounds per mag, no mag limit.
  • You will have 2 minutes to fire as many rounds as you are able to knock down 10 targets.
  • M-1 carbines are allowed 

Contact Information

Mark Schade
Email: Big Bore Handgun

Match Results

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April Results March Results April Long Range Standing Pistol
May Results June Results June Results
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