The purpose of these rules is to maximize your safety and enjoyment while using the club facilities, and keep club expenses and dues to a minimum.  They are not meant to hinder your shooting and for the most part are simply good common sense. If you should see someone who is violating these rules, please get their name, I.D. number or vehicle license number and report the incident to any member of the Executive Board.  Keep in mind that violations are not committed against the officers or Executive Board but against every member of club who must share the burden in cost and labor to correct the situation created by the violation. 



  1. Firearms shall not be loaded until range is clear and shooters are on firing line.

  2. Ranges open 8:00 A.M. to Dusk, Mon-Sat, 12:00 Noon to Dusk, Sundays.

    1. UPPER Range - No .50 BMG or larger permitted, NO tracers or armor piercing ammo; NO Magnums on 200m and 300m swingers.

    2. LOWER Range - NO Centerfire Rifles on pistol range. - .22 rifles, traditional handgun cartridges only.


  3. All persons remain behind firing line until cease fire.

  4. Post targets only at target lines/backers. Paper targets, clay birds, bowling pins ONLY. 

  5. Pull your targets/trash to dumpster. NO shooting at posts, backer and swinger frames.

  6. No full auto fire permitted. NO unauthorized vehicles on Trap and Archery ranges.

  7. No alcoholic beverages on ranges.

  8. Ranges are for members, or one guest accompanied by member. Scheduled events have precedence over range use.

  9. ANYONE willfully damaging club property will be prosecuted.


Auto Fire

There will be No automatic, burst fire or simulated automatic fire authorized by the board for general membership. Automatic or burst fire will ONLY be authorized on a case by case basis for the purposes of training by authorized government agencies, such as, Law Enforcement and Department of Defense programs.


Members of the Executive Board and Activity Leaders serve as Range Officers when present.  The purpose and authority of a Range Officer is to ensure that proper safety, range use and behavior are being maintained at all times.

Any violation of range or ground rules is subject to review by the Executive Board, which could result in the suspension or loss of membership and the possibility of prosecution (By-Law - Article II Section 2.).



  1.  Do handle firearms and bows in a safe manner at all times.

  2.  Do practice good ethics when sharing the range with others.  Such as: Not taking more bench space than needed or not being aware of your brass ejection.

  3.  Do read the club newsletter and be aware of scheduled range usages or any updates of rules or procedures. Do be aware of information posted on the club’s web site concerning Activities, such as maintenance work, temporary area closings and general information.

  4.  Do have a safe and good time while on club grounds.

  5.  Do provide your own targets for practice. Post targets only at target lines/backers. Paper targets, clay birds, bowling pins ONLY.

  6.  Do remove your targets from the backstops when you are finished shooting and put your trash in the receptacles provided.

  7. Do lock the gate upon entering and leaving club grounds.  


Specific Rules


Lower 100 yard Range

This range is for rifle and handguns only.  No Shotguns.

25 yard Pistol Range

This range is for handguns and small-bore rim-fire rifles only. 

Any device using propellant to launch a projectile will be considered a firearm.

Due to the ever widening variety of firearms available to members, the Executive Board for the purposes of range safety and range specification has made to following clarifications:

NO STEEL TARGETS on less than 50 yards/meters.

The Pistol range shall be used for traditional pistols and related cartridges. Highbred rifles with shortened barrels, class 3 style semi autos, pistols designed for traditional rifle cartridges, will NOT be permitted on the pistol range. You may use these firearms as permitted by the club rules, on the 100 yard range, which also has tiered backstops at 25 and 50 yard for pistols. The use of .22 Rim fire Rifles will be allowed on the pistol range. Executive Board members and designated range officers shall have the final determination on the application of this rule at any given time. These determinations are to be respected when made and may be later clarified at the next general meeting.      

Black Powder Range

That range is for black powder, muzzle loader firearms and shotgun slugs.  Shotgun shot shells may only be fired into the chicken wire backstops. 


Trap Range

This range is for shotguns firing shot shells only.  (No slugs)

Upper Rifle Range

All approved caliber rifles, handguns and slug guns can use this range.

Restrict shooting to targets posted on backboards and silhouette rails where backstops are present.  Clay bird rules apply.

Do not shoot magnum rifles at the 200 and 300 meter rails or steel targets.  Restrict those calibers to 385 meters and beyond.

The 40 through 100 meter section of rails is restricted to rim-fire, pistol calibers and cast bullet cowboy action firearms.

Before setting up, be absolutely positive that no one is down range and out of sight.  Take the two minutes to drive down to the 500 meter range.

Please always use the range sign when appropriate.    


Archery Ranges – All

Do not use Broadhead arrows on any of the club’s targets.  When shooting the “In the woods course” please go through the stations traveling in a clockwise fashion.


 A message from the Executive Committee

At Atglen Sportsmen’s Club, we want everyone to enjoy their visit.  During our activities we have a good time, laugh and joke around, sometimes becoming a little lax and letting our guard down.

So please be aware of everything and everybody around you and always think …Safety First...

Remember any mistake or accident during these activities could end up with devastating results; not only for anyone injured but for every member. 

PS:  Guests:

Guests are always welcome but please limit any guest to two (2) visits.  If your guest would enjoy coming to the club more often, perhaps they should become a member.  We would certainly welcome them.

No video, photos, or graphics of the Atglen Sportsmen's Club ranges, grounds, facilities, or clubhouse shall be used or posted in a public forum in both electronic and print without the expressed written permission of the Atglen Sportsmen's Club Executive Board. 

No one may operate a for profit business on club property without the expressed written permission of the Atglen Sportsmen's Club Executive Board.

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