The purpose of these rules is to maximize your safety and enjoyment while using the club facilities and keep club expenses and dues to a minimum. The rules are not meant to hinder your use of the club and for the most part is simply good common sense.

If you should see someone who is violating these rules, please get their name, I.D. number, and/or vehicle license number and report the incident to any member of the Executive Board. Keep in mind that violations are not committed against the officers or Executive Board alone but against every member of the club who must share the burden in cost and labor to correct the situation created by the violation.

Range Officers

Members of the Executive Board and activity leaders serve as range officers when present. The purpose and authority of a range officer is to ensure that proper safety, range use and behavior is always being maintained. A range officer is identified by having an EXECUTIVE Stamp on their ORANGE membership card.

Any violation of range or club rules is subject to review by the Executive Board, which could result in the suspension or loss of membership and the possibility of prosecution. (By-Law - Article II Section 2.)

General rules

1. Upon a ceasefire and before someone goes down range:

a. Magazines should be removed, when applicable

b. All actions should be opened

c. Chamber flags are required

d. Do not handle firearms

e. Do not handle magazines

2. Anyone under 18 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times while on club property. Proper supervision of young people is of the greatest importance.

3. No alcoholic beverages shall be allowed on club property. No one shall be visibly impaired on club property at any time (i.e. drunk, high, etc.).

4. Eye and ear protection should be worn for your safety while on the firing ranges.

5. Membership badges are always to be worn in plain sight.

6. Everyone will stay behind the firing line until all firing has ceased and all firearms have been cleared.

7. Make sure everyone on the firing line is aware of your intentions, such as going down range or resuming fire. Check twice – Be safe not sorry.

8. Any member bringing a guest or family member to the club is responsible for that person, who will remain in that member’s presence during their visit. - No Wandering -.

9. No wildlife is to be hunted, trapped or shot on club property.

10. Range Hours:

a. Opens 8 AM to Dusk Monday through Saturday

b. Opens Noon to Dusk Sunday

c. Shooting in a club sponsored event, occurring before or after stated range hours, is allowed.

d. You are not allowed to shoot outside of these posted range hours unless you are participating in a club sponsored event.

11. No Draw Fire without prior authorization from the Executive Board.

12. Scheduled events have precedence over range use. Check website for up-to-date closures.

13. If you find a gun on the range - don’t touch it. Call the State Police, their phone number is printed on your membership card.

14. Any device using propellant to launch a projectile will be considered a firearm.

15. Posting on the internet or social media of pictures or videos taken on club property shall be reviewed by the Executive Board prior to posting.

16. Leave the gate as you found it. If it is open, leave it open. If it is locked, lock it upon entering/exit. If people are lining up to get in, please verify they have a membership card before letting them in the gate.


1. Use targets that are intended as targets only, bring your own supplies to hang said targets

2. Acceptable targets: paper, bowling pins, balloons, clays (clean up afterward)

3. Claybird Rules: Use the earthen banks to the side of the back stops not to exceed the height of the top cross member on any range.

4. Police-type silhouettes are acceptable, but no representations/pictures of politicians, celebrities, spouses, etc.

5. No metallic targets closer than 50 yards.

6. Target placement should be where a miss or ricochet will be stopped by a berm or backstop.

7. No exploding targets

8. No cans, bottles, CDs, etc.


1. Always handle firearms and bows in a safe manner.

2. Practice good ethics when sharing the range with others. Such as: not taking more bench space than needed or not being aware of your brass ejection.

3. Keep ranges clear of debris.

4. Remove your targets from the backstops when you are finished shooting.

5. Put your trash in the receptacles provided.

6. Provide your own targets for practice.

7. Be aware of information posted on the club’s web site concerning activities, such as maintenance work, temporary area closings and general information.

8. Have a safe and good time while on club grounds.


1. Do not handle firearms FOR ANY REASON, when someone is down range.

2. Do not use material not deemed proper or regulation such as cd’s, exploding targets, cans or bottles.

3. Do not use any backstops other than ones provided by the club.

4. Do not shoot from in front of the designated firing line when others are using or want to use the range.

5. Do not “Short Shoot” on any range. This means shooting at targets where the back stops may not catch the ricochets. Example: walking the target along the ground.

6. Do not shoot shotshells on any range other than the trap range and the muzzle loader range using the chicken wire backing only.

7. Do not shoot shotgun slugs on any range except the muzzle loader range or the upper rifle range.

8. Do not shoot at trash receptacles, backstop posts or backstop cross members.

9. Do not place targets on backstop posts or backstop cross arms.

10. Do not place clay birds on posts, cross members or steel rails. Use the earthen banks to the side of the back stops not to exceed the height of the top cross member on any range.

11. Do not shoot any firearm in any form of full auto, simulated full auto or bump fire. Legally licensed full auto firearms can only be fired in semi-auto or single shot unless specific written permission is given by the Executive Board.

12. Do not park or drive on the grassy areas of any range.

13. Do not use firearms firing cartridges such as 50 BMG or any like cartridges designed for material destruction or extreme distance. Send any concerns or questions to the Executive Board.

14. Do not use any cartridges designed for or designated armor piercing, tracer, incendiary or illumination at any time.

15. Do not set targets on top of berms.

16. Do not skip rounds or use ground targets.

17. Do not blow out the back stops.

18. Do not use metal targets closer than 50 yds from firing line.

19. Do not smoke within 20 feet of the firing line at all ranges.

Range Specific Rules

Lower 100-yard Range

This range is for rifle and handguns only. No shotguns or slug guns.

25-yard Pistol Range

This range is for handguns and smallbore rimfire rifles only. No other rifles including pistol cartridges, no rifle-caliber pistols (Contender, XP100, etc.), no shotguns. No metal targets on this range.

Black Powder Range

This range is for black powder, muzzle loader firearms and shotgun slugs. Shotgun shot shells may only be fired into the chicken wire backstops.

Trap Range

This range is for shotguns firing shot shells only (no slugs). Use 7 ½, 8, and 9 shot only. No patterning on the Trap Range.

Upper Rifle Range

1. Before setting up, be absolutely positive that no one is down range and out of sight. Take the two minutes to drive down to the 500-meter range.

2. All approved caliber rifles, handguns, slug guns can be used on this range.

3. Restrict shooting to targets posted on backboards and silhouette rails where backstops are present. Claybird rules apply.

4. Do not shoot magnum rifles at the 200-meter rails or steel targets. Restrict those calibers to 300-meters and beyond.

5. The 40 through 100-meter section of rails is restricted to rimfire, pistol calibers and cast bullet cowboy action firearms.

6. Please always use the range sign when appropriate.

Archery Ranges

Do not use broadhead arrows on any of the club’s targets. When shooting the “In the woods course” please go through the stations traveling in a clockwise fashion.

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