Atglen Steel Challenge 2023

Events are open to the public

This is a non-sanctioned steel challenge match. It is stationary shooting at five targets, as fast as the

shooter can make hits. This event is timed. The firearm can have six round of ammunition in it, allowing

for one make up shot for a miss. The shooter will have a table to put ammunition on and a holster is not

needed. The starting position is “low ready” there will be no drawing from a holster. Please come to the

line with four magazines loaded to six rounds of ammunition if using a semiauto. Firearms are to be

cased, no magazine inserted and empty chamber. Firearms will be uncased at the firing line when

instructed by a range safety officer.

Shooters will shoot each stage four times, their slowest time will be thrown out for each stage. There will

be three stages. This makes for a total potential amount of shots to be 72, so please bring at least 72

rounds of ammunition with you.

Shooters may shoot more than one firearm. It is a $5 USD per gun per member of Atglen and $10 USD for

the first gun for a non-member and $5 USD for each additional gun per non-member.

There are multiple classes of firearms that are allowed, they include:

Centerfire Semiauto pistol

Centerfire Revolver

Semiauto rimfire pistol

Rimfire revolver

Semiauto rimfire Carbine (.22LR or .17)

    All shoots will start at 1700 on the following dates (all of which are Thursdays). You can come after the

    starting time and still shoot. However, after all shooters have completed a stage we will set up the next

    stage and anyone arriving late will have missed that stage but can shoot the current and next stage.

    May 25th

    June 8th

    June 22nd

    July 13th

    August 10th

    September 14th

    The special purpose range is where the shoots will be held. Please park near the main club house and walk

    towards the farthest clay tower. If a shooter has a disability, by all means drive up to the special purpose


    Contact Information

    Steve Narewski


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