Five Plate Steel Challenge

Events are open to the public

What is it?

Stand at a table, six rounds in firearm, shoot five steel targets as fast as possible. This is a timed event using the best shot timer in existence (The Kestrel KST1000). Come to the firing position with enough ammo (24 rounds, in magazines or speed loaders preferred as it saves time) to shoot the course of fire four times. The slowest time is discarded. There will be three to four iterations of the course of fire depending upon the time available. Bring enough ammo for 4 iterations (4X24 rounds, 96 plus rounds).

There is no running, no drawing from the holster. Shooter stands still, firearm loaded and at the low ready. Buzzer sounds and shooter hits the five targets as fast as possible. That is it. No reloading on the clock.

Firearms permitted: Centerfire and rimfire pistols, centerfire and rimfire  revolvers, pistol caliber carbines, rimfire carbines. A shooter may shoot multiple firearms. Entry fee is 5 USD (cash only) per firearm.

Who Can Shoot?

This event is open to the public. Minors are allowed as this is a great family activity.

When is this event?

This event will be held on the following dates, start time is 1530. The approximate end time is 1730.

Saturday 6/1/24

Saturday 6/15/24

Saturday 7/27/24

Saturday 8/31/24

Saturday 9/21/24

Please use this link to register for the events: PractiScore

Tips for this event:

DO bring your firearms(s) unloaded, cased and with a chamber flag/zip tie in it.

DO bring four magazines if you are using a magazine fed firearm. This means less waiting for the other shooters so you are not reloading magazines on the firing line.

DO bring water, sunscreen, hearing protection and eye protection. We are shooting steel targets relatively close, real ballistic eye protection is a must!!!


Atglen Sportsmen's Club 82 Creek Rd. Christiana, PA 17509

Special Purpose Range

Contact Information

Steve Narewski


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