Target Archery

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Indoor Archery Shooting

Thursday evening Indoor Target Archery starts at 7 PM from November 3rd until April.

Adult shooting fees are $5.00 per person.

The Friday evening archery program for youngsters will continue with various archery events planned, such as 3-D archery.  This program is for children 5-18 years old and is free, all equipment will be provided.  Program runs 7-9PM.

The Friday program will not be held on August 18 and November 3.

Experienced archers as well as novice archers are welcome.










Our club has certified instructors to teach would-be archers. The instructors are certified by two nationally known archery associations, USA Archery, the organization that selects the USA Olympic archery team, and the National Field Archery Association (NFAA). The club has archery equipment available for the use by first time archery enthusiasts. In other words, if you've never shot a bow with arrows, no problem, we can teach you how to do that.

Our club is and has been a member of the Pennsylvania State Archery Association (PSAA) for well over 50 years. The PSAA offers archery competition for all ages and the use of all archery equipment. Many club members are members of the PSAA and they are winners of Pennsylvania regional championships. Last March an 80-year-old club member won a Pennsylvania State championship participating in the NFAA affiliate Pennsylvania Field and Target Archers association.

Age and physical concerns are not barriers to having fun shooting archery.

Archery is a very safe sport as attested by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and liability insurance companies. Over the past several years, NASP has involved nearly four million children in its schools program in grades four through 12 in high school without one archery related accident. Probably, no other school athletic program can make that claim.

Our club was instrumental to bring NASP to Pennsylvania as well as funding some local schools into the NASP program.

For archery information:

Email: Target Archery

Bob Devlin - 610-220-1532

Len Devlin - 717-682-8903

John Pawlowski - 610-384-5483

2016 Southeast Regional Target Round Results
Cadets Juniors
Samuel Vansant Unl (734) (A) Gold (Classification Card) Hunter Garrision Unl (864) Gold Record
Intermediate Men Intermediate Women
JD Kleinfelter (807) Gold Zena Ross (842) Gold
  Sierra Garrision (769)
Traditional Long Bow Crossbow
Ingrid Ross (325) Gold Charles Perrigoy (829) Gold Record
  Al Towler (739)
Unlimited Men Unlimited Women
Jared Pardue (877) Gold (State Application) Kelly Zerbe (868) Gold
Bill Lennox (871) Silver (State Application) Wendy Garrision (837)
Corey Gettle (869)  
Larry Miller (851)  
Seniors Bowhunter Men
Gary Shuler (841) Gold Bill Kepler (840) Gold (State Application)
Will Keene (831) Silver Terry Zerbe (836) Silver
Lenny Devlin (821) Kerry Goodwin (825) (State Application)
Timothy Reichland (817)  
Senior Plus
George Hammer (866) Gold Phil Webb (854) Silver
Bruce Smith (847) Bronze Ross Tustin (846)
Gary Graver (842) Rich Debacco (807)
Glen Shuey (787) Darrel Gehman (750)

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